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InternetBuddy is a simple app built in order to make your life easier by suggesting you the most popular and trending internet packages in Bangladesh. You can browse trending internet packages, search packages by Operator, Price, Validity and Data Amount. InternetBuddy has a little \"Total Internet Price\" calculator which helps you to calculate the total price of an internet package including VAT, SC, and SD. InternetBuddy updates packages regularly from remote API. So you don't need to update the app frequently to get latest packages. Besides, there is a helpful hub containing useful information (such as checking different balance, support, setting etc) about different operators. InternetBuddy has a buy button beside each package which will take you directly to your phones dial window and you don't need to do thing manually.<\/p>\r\n<\/body>\r\n<\/html>","portfolio_url":"https:\/\/play.google.com\/store\/apps\/details?id=com.ionicframework.internetbuddy","portfolio_thumb_image":"https:\/\/zubaer.com\/storage\/thumbnails\/6\/internetBuddy.png","portfolio_large_image":"https:\/\/zubaer.com\/storage\/images\/6\/internetBuddy.png","client_name":null,"client_url":null,"tags":"mobile-app-development","created_at":"2017-07-15 23:42:46","updated_at":"2017-07-15 23:45:47"}]