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Calorie Calculator Pro

Developer: Md. Zubaer Ahammed
Email: [email protected]
Skype: zubaer_ahammed

The Calorie Calculator can be used to estimate the calories you need to consume each day. This calculator can also provide some simple guideline if you want to gain or lose weight.

Installation, Setup and Overview:


This Calorie Calculator is based on the Mifflin – St Jeor equation. But if users provide ‘body fat percentage’, it will use Katch-McArdle Equation. The Calorie Calculator can be used to estimate the calories you need to consume each day. This calculator can also provide some simple guideline if you want to gain or lose weight.
The best way to lose weight is through proper diet and exercise. Try not to lower your calorie intake by more than 1,000 calories per day, and try to lower your calorie intake gradually. Also, try to maintain your level of fibre intake and balance your other nutritional needs. The results of the Calorie Calculator are based on an estimated average.


    1. First unzip the downloaded file and you will get servel files and folders including documentations, imports, license and main plugin file named ‘‘. You will only upload this file. (If you have a previous free version installed, please delete that first).
    1. Go you “Plugins” >> “Add New” from your Website’s Dashboard.
    1. Click on “Upload” and upload only
    1.  Click on the “Activate” button when it’s uploaded.
    1.  You need to Enable the Plugin first by Putting your License Key in the ‘License’ tab from the Calorie Calculator settings field.
    1.  Then you can show Calculator/Foods table/Exercise table using Widgets or Shortcodes.
  1.  Follow the instructions below to get more ideas

How to Use:

  1. From your widget setting select “Calorie Calculator” and put it in your expected sidebar.
  2.  Select an unit. By default it shows both “US Unit” and “Metric Unit”. But you can show only “US Unit” or “Metric Unit”.
  3. You can select a Template (I recommend the default ‘General’ template). You can select ‘Twitter Bootstrap General Template’, if your theme supports Twitter Bootstrap.
  4. If you want do to enable “Send Calculator Result as Email” and “Download Result as PDF” option, you can select them.
  5. You can select ‘Show Name Field’, ‘Show Email Field’, etc. if you want to Log user details into the Database. Also, these fields are required if you want to subscribe your users to a Mailchimp list.

Using Shortcodes:

    1. You can easily generate shortcodes from the ‘Shortcodes‘ tab in the Calorie Calculator Settings from WordPress Admin.
    1.  General shortcode with default styling and all options enabled is .
    1. If you want to show this widget inside of php codes or within your theme you can use  All attributes calorie_calculator shortcode supports are:
      • send_to_email=”false/true” (default value is ‘true’)
      • download_as_pdf=”false/true” (default value is ‘true’)
      • unit=”usunit/metricunit/both” (default value is ‘both’)
    • template=”general/bootstrap” (default value is ‘general’)
    • show_name_field=”true/false” (default value is ‘true’. This field is required for Mailchimp subscription)
    • show_email_field=”true/false” (default value is ‘true’. This field is required for Mailchimp subscription)
    • show_firstname_only=”true/false” (default value is ‘false’)
    • hide_body_fat_field=”true/false” (default value is ‘false’)


    Note: If you don’t include an attribute within the shortcode, the default value will be applied for that. As an example: send_to_email isn’t included with value false in the shortcode example above. So, it will be displayed.

    => To make things easier, there is a shortcode generator included in the “Calorie Calculator” Settings page.

    5. Show Foods Table:

    Attributes for the Foods Table Shortcode:

    • template=general/bootstrap-general/old (default value is ‘general’)
    • heading
    • info

    6. Show Calorie Burning or Exercises Table:

    Attributes for the Calorie Burning or Exercises  Table

    • template=general/bootstrap-general/old (default value is ‘general’)
    • heading
    • info

    Saving Calculator Data to the Database

    Calculator usage details and user data gets stored in the Database automatically. You can to the ‘Calorie Calculator Logs’ page to those data.

    Subscribing User to Your Mailchimp List

    1. You can subscribe users to a MailChimp List.
    2. For this, you need to go to ‘Mailchimp’ tab of the ‘Calorie Calculator’ Settings page from WordPress Dashboard.
    3. Then Enter you Mailchimp API Secret Key and MailChimp List ID. You can get help from the links there.
    4. You must have ‘Show Name’ and ‘Show Email’ field enabled (in widgets/shortcodes) for Mailchimp Subscription to work.


    You can easily export all foods and calorie burning activities/exercises table data by clicking on “Export Foods as CSV” and “Export Activities as CSV” button. On the otherhand, you can import them easily by selecting respective files and then clicking on “Import Foos” and “Import Activiites” button within “Calorie Calculator” Settings page.
    Download Import Files (Foods and Activities)

    Adding new Foods and Activites:

    Within “Calorie Calculator” setting page you will find two tabs named as “Calorie in Foods” and “Calorie Burning by Exercises” where you can easily add a new food or exercise, update them and delete them.

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