Calorie Calculator Pro

Calorie Calculator Pro is a WordPress Plugin which can be used to estimate the calories you need to consume each day. This calculator can also provide some simple guideline if you want to gain or lose weight. It is based on the Mifflin – St Jeor equation. But if users provide ‘body fat percentage’, it will use Katch-McArdle Equation.

Documentations: Click to visit the documentations page


Calorie Calculator Features:

  1. Calculator BMR value and total calorie required to maintain current health status.
  2. Know how many calories do you need to increase or decrease weight.
  3. Sent health status, calculator result as Email.
  4. Allow users to download calculator result as a PDF file.
  5. Body fat percentage calculation adjustment support withKatch-McArdle Equation.
  6. Save User Details and Calculator to the Database as Calculator Logs
  7. Subscribe User to Your MailChimp List.
  8. Option to Get Email Notification when a user uses this Calculator.
  9. Option to save user details in the user’s Browser (Local Storage) so that they don’t need to input their details (age, height, weight, etc. again and again).
  10. Show a table of common foods with the number of calories.
  11.  Show a table of common exercises and amount of calorie burned by them.
  12. A super easy User interface (AJAX Powered).
  13. Super easy and Ajax Powered Admin interface. You can add/delete/update foods/exercises very easily with just one click.
  14. Flexible and easy to use ‘Shortcode’ to show this calculator anywhere. (with an intuitive Shortcode generator)
  15. Flexible Widget.
  16. Easy to use and well-documented code for Web Developers.
  17. Extremely secure and hack-proof (built with captcha code and cross-browser request forgery prevention.)
  18. Latest WordPress coding standards.
  19. Easy Export/Import feature. (Automatically imports default foods and activities/exercises).
  20. Ready for translation. You can translate it to any language you want and it will be compatible with translation plugin like WPML etc.

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